Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is obtained from the seeds of the jojoba plant (scientific name Simmondsia chinensis). Jojoba is a shrub which has its origin in the southern regions of Arizona and California, in addition to the north-western areas of Mexico. About 50 percent of jojoba seed comprises this oil by weight.

It is worth mentioning that jojoba oil is loaded with nearly all the vitamins and essential minerals that are extremely vital for the health of our skin and hair. It includes vitamin E, B-complex vitamins, iodine, copper, chromium, selenium and zinc. Generally, use of jojoba oil does not cause any adverse or detrimental effects on our body.

In fact, jojoba oil is the solitary oil that closely bears resemblance to human sebum, which is a greasy substance produced naturally by the oil glands present below the surface of our skin. This is a major reason why using jojoba oil is highly beneficial for the health of our skin and hair. Jojoba oil is the ideal option for people who are eager to use only natural products for their skin and hair care. This oil is also highly beneficial for the facial skin.

Jojoba oil can be used separately or you can combine this oil with a number of other suitable essential oils with a view to make it further effective. Jojoba oil is considered to be helpful for its emollient and moisturizing properties. The remarkably useful properties of this natural oil in dealing with skin and hair problems have made jojoba oil a valuable ingredient for skin, beauty and hair care products. In addition, jojoba oil possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and non-toxic properties that make this oil effective not only for the health of our skin and hair, but for the overall health of our body.

Jojoba oil for hair and skin care

Topical application of jojoba oil to the scalp helps to clean the deposits of blocked and covered sebum that helps to decrease hair loss and also minimizes damage to hair. As jojoba oil possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial attributes, it helps to keep the scalp clean as well as healthy. Aside from keeping the hair clean and supple, the kerato-plastic effects of jojoba oil help to make the hair look bright and neat.

Owing to its close resemblance to sebum, jojoba oil imitates the action of sebum, the naturally occurring oily substance produced by the glands beneath the skin surface, thereby facilitating the hair to look healthy and shining. In fact, jojoba oil is especially helpful for dry hair. Applying a few drops of this oil to your hair will help to keep it moisturized. Alternatively, applying this oil all over the hair will help to impart additional shine. You may also apply jojoba oil to the hair ends making them appear shiny. People whose hair has been damaged due to the harsh weather conditions, chemicals present in various hair care products or contaminants from the atmosphere will find jojoba oil extremely beneficial. When such people apply this oil to their hair, it helps to confine moisture within the hair shaft, thereby making the hair glow and look lustrous.

Jojoba oil is a wonderful home remedy for promoting hair growth naturally. Most of us are aware that our hair secretes sebum, naturally occurring oil produced by glands below the skin surface. Sebum works to keep the hair hydrated. Occasionally, the glands release additional sebum, which may obstruct the hair follicles, thereby leading to damaged hair and hair loss. On many occasions, the blocked hair follicles also affect the pace of hair growth. Using jojoba oil helps to put off hair thinning as well as hair loss due to the chocked hair follicles. Jojoba oil works by liquefying and opening up such obstructed hair follicles and stimulates new hair cell development, which, in turn, results in new hair growth.

Aside from offering several benefits for the health of our hair, jojoba oil is also beneficial for the skin. This oil is widely used in the form of an organic ingredient in several beauty products, such as skin lotions and creams. Jojoba oil is loaded with a variety of organic substances and essential minerals that help to make the skin appear naturally groomed and radiant. In addition, this natural oil is also useful for getting rid of skin scarring, facial lines and fatty tissues.

Jojoba oil also works to reduce skin irritations and encourages collagen production naturally. At the same time, it protects us from the harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays of the sun and puts off the symptoms of premature aging, including wrinkles and fine lines.

Jojoba oil can be applied to any part of your body from the head to toe. It can be used in the form of a body moisturizer or a face moisturizer and become your regular or overnight facial moisturizer. In the beginning, this oil may leave a minor oily gloss, but you can easily remove the residual oil wiping the areas with a tissue paper. This will also help to get rid of any excessive moisture on the skin. Jojoba oil works to make the dry and irritated skin areas soft and, at the same time, reinstates the balanced condition of the skin. Since this oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties, it is effective in lessening inflammation caused by the dryness of the skin.

Apply 3 to 4 drops of this natural oil to your skin in the form of a moisturizer during daytime. It needs to be applied in a little more quantity if you are using jojoba oil in the form of a hydrating skin mask and leave it overnight. In addition, jojoba oil can also be used in the form of a lip balm.

It has been established that jojoba oil possesses anti-microbial properties, in addition to containing iodine. Together, they prevent any kind of detrimental bacterial growth that may otherwise led to skin eruptions like blackheads, pimples and even acne.

Often, the choked pores in the skin result in formation of acne and pimples. These skin problems are quite widespread among teenagers and adolescents. It is worth mentioning here that several beauty products meant for treating acne actually contain animal fat, which can exacerbate the problem further. On the other hand, jojoba oil is organic, non-greasy and possesses the ability to eliminate bacteria. As a result, it oil serves as an effectual natural medicine for treating acne and similar skin problems.

Apart from firming the skin and keeping it adequately hydrated, jojoba oil is also effective in diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine facial lines. This natural oil is loaded with vitamin E - an essential nutrient that effectively combats and eliminates the harmful free radicals which cause the skin to age prematurely. Using jojoba oil on a regular basis helps to diminish the fine lines. This oil also contains potent antioxidants, which help to rejuvenate the skin cells.