Rose Oil

Rose oil is obtained by extracting fresh Damask rose (botanical name Rosa damascena) by a process known as steam distillation. In fact, the oil of rose is among the oldest as well as best known essential oils. As this oil possesses aphrodisiac properties, it represents love to people all over the world. Moreover, the delightful fragrance of this essential oil has made it famous worldwide.

The essential oil of rose is wonderful, versatile oil which can be used safely even by people with the most sensitive skin. Precisely speaking, rose oil is ideal for all types of skins, including dry, sensitive as well as aging skin. The essential oil of rose possesses antiseptic, anti-bacterial and astringent qualities.

There is no denying the fact that the essential oil of rose is a versatile oil. Aside from moisturizing and hydrating the skin, rose essential oil also possesses the ability to lessen inflammation, diminish redness, repairs broken capillaries, tones up and lifts the skin as well as combats wrinkles. It has also been proved that it is very effective oil for treating eczema.

Adding only a few drops of the essential rose oil to the products that you regularly use for your skin's health can make a significant improvement in the appearance of your skin. In fact, it is well known that roses possess the ability to alleviate skin irritations. You may buy topical creams or lotions having rose oil, but adding a few drops of rose oil to your facial cream before applying it to your skin can do wonders. Aside from this, rose oil may also be useful in lessening skin inflammation and, at the same time, it can facilitate treatment of conditions like eczema and herpes.

The chemical composition of rose essential oil is very intricate, as it encloses numerous biologically active elements having incredible effects on a variety of skin problems. Some of the health benefits of using rose oil are discussed briefly below.

When applied to dry or chapped skin, the effect of rose essential oil is amazing. It nourishes as well as helps dry skin to retain moisture, thereby making it healthy and hydrated. At the same time, rose oil is also suitable for oily skin. In fact, if you have an oily skin, you can use rose oil in the form of a toner. This essential oil also serves as an astringent helping to tauten the skin tissues, opening up the facial skin pores and also regulating greasiness.

Rose oil also possesses the ability to combat skin wrinkles as well as a variety of different aging symptoms effectively, as it slightly contracts the muscles of the face, which, consecutively, tightens the sagging skin. Since this essential oil possesses antibacterial qualities, it is useful for treating skin infections. In addition, the essential oil of rose treats acne effectively.

The essential oil of rose also has a cooling effect and alleviates sunburned as well as extremely sensitive skin.

Rose oil also possesses the aptitude to heal scars caused by acne, boils or any other undesirable blemishes on the skin. This essential oil is also a rich resource of vitamin C, which serves as an antioxidant, thereby enhancing the skin's texture. Applying rose oil to discoloured skin on a regular basis helps to bring back the original color of the skin.

In addition, one may also directly apply rose essential oil to cuts and open wounds. It will work in two ways. First, this oil will work to constrict the blood vessels in the affected area and stop bleeding. Subsequently, the antiseptic property of the oil will help to protect the wound from being infected. Application of rose essential oil on surgery marks, stretch marks, and fat cracks facilitates healing the flaws, while lessening their appearance.

Rose oil is also a safe and effective remedy for most skin problems, including eczema. It has been proved that applying this oil to treat eczema helps to reduce skin irritation, inflammation and other such problems.

Aside from topical application, the essential oil of rose is completely safe even for oral use. Consumption of rose oil helps in eliminating toxic substances from the blood stream by purifying the blood. This oil also helps to put off skin problems like rashes, boils, ulcers and so on. In addition, it also plays a vital role in preserving the normal hormonal balance, which is extremely important for keeping the skin looking fresh as well as gleaming.

The essential oil of rose is also used in aromatherapy. In aromatherapy, this aromatic oil is generally employed for body massage, because it serves as an antidepressant and alleviates tension related to the nerves. In addition, use of rose oil also helps to encourage blood circulation and cure our body's overall mechanism.