A widespread skin problem, generally dandruff affects the scalp. This is a chronic skin problem on the scalp that troubles people worldwide, irrespective of their age and gender. It has been found that this skin condition is more prevalent in children, teens as well as young adults.

Despite being a chronic condition, dandruff is a harmless skin problem that crops up only when the scalp is dry or greasy and begins to produce white flakes comprising dead skin. These flakes or dandruff become visible in the hair and usually on the shoulders. Very often, people are of the belief that dandruff is something that causes the scalp to become flaky.

Notwithstanding the fact that dandruff is harmless, it can often be embarrassing as well as discomforting for people enduring this condition. Usually, dandruff occurs to people first when they are between 10 years and 20 years. In addition, about 40 percent of people who are over 30 years are affected by this bothersome condition.

Formation of skin cells on the scalp is a continuous process and, hence, even dead skin cell shedding is also a normal bodily process. However, when dandruff occurs the skin cells start shedding more rapidly compared to the normal rate. The scalp has oil, which results in the skin dead cells to amass and this looks like white flakes.

Several factors may be responsible for dandruff, such as dry skin; various skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and seborrhea; and even one's sensitivity to particular hair care products.

In addition to the above mentioned factors, even yeast overgrowth may be responsible for dandruff. Such yeast overgrowth may occur owing to hormones, stress, and excessive oil on one's scalp or even problems related to the immune system.

However, we are lucky that we can easily control dandruff ourselves at home using any effective hair care regimen and some common remedies. At the same time, it is worth mentioning here that at times treating dandruff may not only be difficult, but also time consuming. In some rare cases, one may even require consulting their physician, who is likely to recommend a medicated shampoo to eliminate dandruff. We are fortunate that dandruff is not an infectious condition and, hence, it does not spread from one person to another. Nevertheless, this condition may recur and, therefore, it is important to carry on with the treatment even after you find that there is no dandruff on your scalp. This is necessary to ensure that the condition does not recur.

Dandruff remedies

It is always possible to control dandruff using various remedies, but it is important that you have to be patient as well as persistent. The first and most important step to eliminate dandruff is to cleanse your hair every day using any good shampoo that is mild and gentle. Aside from shampooing your hair daily, you may also use some home remedies to get rid of dandruff. Some of these home remedies are discussed briefly below.

Aloe vera gel: This is an effective remedy for eliminating dandruff. Obtain some fresh aloe vera gel and apply it directly to your scalp. Allow the gel to remain on the scalp for as long as possible. Ideally, you should apply the aloe vera gel to your scalp before bedtime and leave it overnight. Rinse your hair thoroughly in the morning.

Ginger: This is another home remedy that works excellently for eliminating dandruff. Blend some ginger root and warm olive oil and apply the mix directly to your scalp. This home remedy is not only effective for getting rid of dandruff, but also helps to nourish your hair.

Vinegar: Take six tablespoons (90 ml) of hot water and add about two tablespoons (30 ml) of cosmetic vinegar to it. Apply this mixture directly to your scalp and cover the head with a small cloth. Allow the solution to remain for the night. Next morning, rinse your hair thoroughly using shampoo and warm water.

Yogurt: This is yet another excellent home remedy for treating dandruff. Take approximately half cup (118 ml) of fermented yogurt and apply it directly onto your scalp. Ensure that you apply it thoroughly. Allow the yogurt to remain on your scalp for no less than four hours and then wash it off using a mild shampoo and water.

In addition to these home-made natural remedies, making specific changes in your lifestyle may also help you control dandruff considerably. For instance, you need to follow a nutritious and healthy diet and massage your scalp regularly with warm oil. At the same time, ensure that you maintain hygienic measure and also practice different methods to lessen stress. Most importantly, stay away from all commercial hair styling products as well as devices.

You also need to maintain regular appointments with experts in hair care. Also ensure that you get enough rest and undertake regular and sufficient workouts during the day. Following these guideline will help you to get rid of dandruff to a great extent.

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