In Latin, the term itch is called pruritus. Itching causes a sensation giving rise to a desire or impulse to scratch. In fact, itch is yet to be classified as any form of sensory experience. Contemporary science states that itching is accompanied by some symptoms that are also associated with pain. Although pain and itch are both undesirable sensory experiences, they have different behavioural response patterns. When one experiences pain, he/ she has a withdrawal reflex. On the other hand, itch causes a scratch reflex.

The unmyelinated nerve fibers (nerves that are not enveloped with myelin cover) that are responsible for itching and pain have their origin in the skin. These nerves, however, centrally receive signals from two separate systems. However, both these nerve systems utilize the same nerve bundles as well as spinothalamic tract.

The behavioural response patterns of itch and pain are completely different. Itch gives rise to a scratch reflex that makes one to scratch the skin on the affected body area. Itch also stimulates an alien object below the skin surface or on the skin surface. At the same time, it also gives rise to an urge to get rid of the foreign substance. For instance, one effective means to get rid of insects or bugs from the skin is to react to a localized itch sensation. On the other hand, pain generates a withdrawal reflex that results in retraction and, hence, a response that makes one try and shield the affected area of the body.

Traditionally, it has been believed that scratching is a means to get relief from the exasperating itch sensation. However, it is interesting to note that scratching has a few hedonic aspects. In fact, some people may find the harmful action of scratching very enjoyable. In fact, this may turn out to be a major problem for people enduring chronic itching, for instance those associated with atopic dermatitis. Such people may continue to scratch the affected areas until a time when these spots do not yield any pleasurable or painful feeling, but when the itching sensation wanes. Some people have put forward the theory that motivational factors related to scratching involve the frontal brain areas that are related to decision making and reward. Hence, these aspects may be responsible for the obsessive and uncontrollable characters of scratching and itch.

Itching is one problem that every person endures at some point or the other in their lives. Itches can be generalized (happening throughout the body or in many places of the body at the same time) or localized (confined to one specific area of the body). Occasionally, itching may exacerbate during the night, subject to the basic cause.

Usually, it is much more difficult to treat a generalized itch occurring throughout the body compared to dealing with localized itch. Itches can be accompanied with or with no skin lesion like blisters, bumps, rash or any other abnormalities seen on the skin surface. If you notice an itch occurring with any visible skin anomaly, you should immediately consult your physician for proper evaluation of the condition. In a number of instances, it may even be necessary to get the problem checked by a dermatologist, because it may necessitate specialized medical care. This is especially true in the case of eczema, psoriasis, scabies and others.

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In case you are struggling with an itchy skin, anal itch or an itchy scalp, you can get immediate relief by using Elma skin care products, which contain natural and mild ingredients. These substances help to take up the irritated nerve endings by entering deep into the pores. They target the itch, thereby providing relief from minor cases of itching to even severe and chronic itching.