Rosacea (also referred to as adult acne) is a very widespread skin condition generally affecting people above 30 years old. This skin disease causes your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin to become red. Some people suffering from this condition also develop small bumps as well as pimples on the reddish portions of their face. In addition, rosacea may also cause your eyes to become sore and give a burning sensation.

Rosacea is a chronic or persisting skin condition that gives rise to several symptoms, which mostly appear on the central portion of the sufferer's face. Some of the characteristic symptoms of rosacea include flushing that is not caused by sweating or embarrassment; and permanent redness. In addition, the blood vessels also become reddish and this does not fade.

According to some people who have been or have suffered from rosacea have complained that the redness and other symptoms associated with the condition not only make them feel uncomfortable, but also give them a lack of confidence at their workplace as well as social situations. Check with your physician right away if you are bothered by rosacea or if the condition has worsened. Availing timely and proper treatment may help your skin appear better and make you feel more at ease and confident. Most importantly, it will prevent the condition from deteriorating further.

Interestingly enough, experts are still not certain as to what is responsible for rosacea. While they are aware that there is something that causes skin irritation, but it has been verified that rosacea is not attributed to bacterial infections. Usually, people with fair skin or those who blush easily are more susceptible to this chronic skin condition. In addition, apparently, rosacea runs in the family.

It is somewhat easy for a doctor to diagnose rosacea, because the pattern of facial redness of this condition is distinctive. Therefore, in most cases doctors don't recommend medical tests to diagnose the disease.

Earlier, the general conception was that alcoholism caused rosacea, but this has been proved to be wrong. However, if people with rosacea consume alcoholic beverages, their condition is likely to flare leading to further complications.

Often rosacea exacerbates when any substance makes the facial blood vessels to distend, which, in turn, leads to redness of the face. These things that are responsible for the flare-up of rosacea are known as triggers. Some of the common triggers include exposure to sun and wind, exercise, stress, hot weather conditions, taking hot baths, consumption of alcoholic beverages, and eating spicy foods. In addition, rosacea may also get worse when the sufferer is exposed to sudden temperature swings like from cold to hot or hot to cold conditions.

What are the symptoms?

How will you know if you are suffering from rosacea? Well, there are a number of symptoms related to this condition and if you notice any of them on your body, you can be certain that you are enduring rosacea. An individual suffering from this condition will have a flushed, red face and their skin will become sensitive and dry. He or she may even experience a burning or stinging sensation. Moreover, they will generally have arid, red and inflamed eyes.

At the same time, people suffering from rosacea are likely to develop tiny bumps as well as pimples or breakouts like acne on their face. Even their skin may become thicker and coarse and have a bumpy texture.

Although rare, in some instances if rosacea is not treated timely and appropriately, it may lead to permanent consequences, for instance thickening of the facial skin as well as vision loss. Moreover, this condition may also result in the development of knobby bumps on the patient's nose (a condition that is known as rhinophyma in medical terms). If untreated, over a period of time, rosacea may make your nose look swollen and waxy. Fortunately enough, in most cases, rosacea usually doesn't progress to these extreme situations.

Natural treatment for rosacea

In case you have suffered from rosacea or are currently enduring the condition, it is very likely that you must have already tried a number of conventional treatments available - for instance prescription creams and oral antibiotics. While these therapies may prove to be of some help during the initial stages of the problem, they are actually ineffective in dealing with the original cause and in the long term they will not be useful, but worsen the condition further.

In such situations, it is advisable that you use Elma 01 ointment. Applying this ointment topically to the affected areas will be beneficial for people suffering from rosacea. When applied topically, Elma 01 ointment helps to enhance the moisture level in the skin; augments the skin barrier and, at the same time, helps to diminish skin inflammation. In fact, Elma 01 is an extremely potent anti-inflammatory ointment for the skin. In addition, applying it topically to the skin also cleanse as well as moisturize the skin. The benefits of Elma 01 do not end here, as this ointment also alleviates the terrible itchiness and irritation that accompany rosacea.