Terry's Nails

Terry's nails is a nail problem that can easily be identified due to its specific aspect. It causes nails to look like ground glass, while the crescent-shaped area at the base, known as lunula in medical terms, becomes invisible. This condition is not well understood but doctors suspect it is a side effect of other diseases that cause the nail bed to develop more connective tissue and become less vascularized.

This condition is linked to very serious diseases such as liver failure, cirrhosis, congestive heart failure, hyperthyroidism, severe malnutrition or diabetes. It is the most common in patients who suffer from serious liver diseases and about half of them have Terry's nails as well. It can also look like a brown arc at the top of the nails and is common in people with congestive heart failure or kidney failure. Since the condition has specific symptoms and is easy to diagnose, it is a useful warning sign that announces one of these dangerous diseases.

The name Terry's nails comes from the person who discovered this problem, Dr. Richard Terry. He was the first to notice and describe these abnormal nails in people who suffered from cirrhosis.

Terry's nail is one of the most distinctive nail problems and is easy to diagnose. Its symptoms are very specific: the nails become opaque and a dark arc or band appears near their top. It is usually a sign of a very serious disease such as liver failure, diabetes, malnutrition or congestive heart failure. Since these conditions are more likely to affect older people, Terry's nail is uncommon in youngsters.

Severe liver diseases have a high chance to cause Terry's nails as a side effect. This condition is also found in cases of severe malnutrition, which will of course lead to many other health problems as well.

Nails are not only a direct reflection of the body's health but are very important for cosmetic reasons as well. Females in particular are very focused on their nails and try to maintain them as long as possible. Other people tend to neglect and ignore their nails, which is not a good idea. Abnormal nails are often the sign of very dangerous diseases.

Nails actually consist of proteins with a fibrous structure and normally have a light pink color with a semi-transparent look. Healthy nails are very durable and have a white area on top. If nails starts to break for no reason, this usually indicates a lack of vitamins or minerals in your diet. Terry's nail causes them to become white and opaque. It is only one of the many possible nail conditions, easy to identify due to the very specific symptoms.

What are the symptoms of Terry's nails?

Knowing the symptoms of Terry's nails can be very helpful because it helps you diagnose this condition yourself. This is extremely useful, since this condition is linked to other very dangerous diseases. If you suspect that you have Terry's nails, go ask for medical advice as soon as possible.

The most important symptom is the abnormal aspect of the nails, which become opaque. They look unhealthy, similar to the ones of an old person. The skin around the nails can become wrinkled and the flesh surrounding it shrieks. Nails can lose their color and turn opaque. In some cases, the nails develop dents and ridges or have a strange shine.

Treatment options

One of the easiest measures that can protect your nails is to maintain them dry and clean. After a shower or bath, make sure that you dry your nails on both fingers and toes with a towel. Avoid bad habits that damage your nails, such as biting or rubbing them. Some of these habits can be very difficult to eliminate but you can ask your doctor for advice. It is also important that nails and cuticles are properly hydrated daily. Vitamin E is known to boost nail strength, you can apply it externally every day if you want them to have a good structure. If nail problems persist after all these steps, you should contact you doctor since Terry's nail can be the sign of a dangerous disease. Podiatrists are doctors specialized in feet and you can contact one of them if the condition affects your toe nails.

Terry's nail is often caused by improper nutrition. Just like the other parts of the body, the nails also need a proper amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in order to remain healthy. The nails require quality proteins, as well as certain minerals and vitamins. Terry's nail can also be the effect of several bad habits, such as biting the nails or pinching the area around them. Dirty nails that are not cleaned properly are more vulnerable to various issues.

One of the key steps to eliminate Terry's nails is a healthy diet that provides the nutrients needed by the nails. One of the most important bioactive compounds is vitamin E, which is found in large amounts in almonds. These nuts can be eaten raw, mixed with raisins or turned into a paste. This paste can also be applied directly on the nails, similar to a cream.

Another great choice for a healthy diet is spinach. This green leafy vegetable provides numerous nutrients. It has a high content of vitamin E, a strong antioxidant that is able to counter the dangerous free radicals and protect our body from harm. Consuming mustard greens can also be beneficial in the treatment of Terry's nail, according to some studies. They can be eaten as a side dish or as an ingredient in curries.

If you notice anything wrong with your nails, you should contact a doctor immediately. Terry's nail can signal a number of serious diseases and your physician should be able to diagnose it right away.

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