Wrinkles, also referred to as rhytides, are basically small folds, creases or ridges in your skin. Generally, wrinkles appear as people get older - it is a sign of aging. Nevertheless, they may even appear when we immerse our skin in water regularly for prolonged periods. Initially, wrinkles appear on our face and they are usually owing to our most frequent facial expressions. In addition, damage due to exposure to direct sunlight, dehydration, heavy smoking, certain medications and various other factors are also responsible for developing wrinkles prematurely - at an early age.

In fact, wrinkles are an expected sign of our natural aging process. When we grow older, the skin becomes more and more thin, more arid as well as less supple. Moreover, as we grow older our skin also loses its competence to protect itself from various damages. Sooner or later, we find wrinkles, creases and other fine lines appearing on our skin, especially the facial skin. Aside from the different factors discussed above for causing wrinkles, even the genetic makeup or composition of an individual has an impact on how many wrinkles we develop and also the time when these wrinkles begin to appear. So there is a genetic factor involved as well.

Apparently, wrinkles may give some people a wisdom effect; there are very few people who actually welcome the development of these folds, creases or ridges in the skin. Every year people spend several billion dollars globally for treating wrinkles and eliminate them. Some anti-wrinkle products make tall claims, but they are hollow, having no effect whatsoever. On the other hand, there are some skin care products that do offer modest, noteworthy or very substantial success in getting rid of wrinkles. So before you use any such product, you need to be certain about their efficacy.

Main factors responsible for wrinkles

In addition to the natural aging process, there are several other factors that are responsible for developing wrinkles, especially those in early age. Some of these factors include heavy smoking, genetic issues, light skin, hair, clothes, repeated facial expressions and sometimes some type of jobs continued for a long period. A few of them are discussed briefly below.

Smoking: According to some experts, there is a direct association between regular/ heavy smoking and fast aging of the skin. According to them, this is mainly because smoking decreases blood supplies to the skin.

Light skin: People with a light skin complexion usually have a propensity to suffer more from exposure to direct sunlight and this generally speeds up wrinkle development.

Hair: It is important to note that some types of hairstyles protect the face by offering more shade compared to others.

Genetic factors: In case the parents of an individual have developed wrinkles at an early age, especially before others, there is a strong possibility that he/ she faces a greater risk of developing premature wrinkles. Hence, experts say that genetic factors are also responsible for developing wrinkles at an early age.

Clothes: It has been observed that people wearing hats as well as long sleeves regularly generally develop wrinkles at a later period in life than other people who don't wear hats or long sleeves, but have similar skin.

Facial expression: People who smile, squint or frown very often are very likely to have fine lines as well as wrinkles before other people who usually do not have such facial expressions, at least not very often. Every time an individual uses a particular facial muscle it results in the formation of a groove beneath the skin surface. When a young person uses these facial muscles, the skin generally springs back, as it is suppler. On the other hand, the skin loses much of its elasticity as we grow older and, hence, it becomes more difficult for it to spring back. Therefore, repeated use of the same facial muscles leads to formation of grooves that are more permanent in nature.

Some jobs: It is interesting to note that some jobs also make people develop fine lines and wrinkles much earlier than those who are engaged in different vocations. For instance, individuals whose jobs require them to be exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods develop wrinkles much ahead of others. Some such jobs include farmers, fisherman, sailors, tanning booth employees (they are actually exposed to UV rays), golfers and even gardeners. People who come in contact with ultra-violet (UV) rays too often owing to their jobs, aside from the instances mentioned above, and even people who spend a greater part of their time outdoors for leisure activities are also very likely to develop wrinkles earlier than other people.

How to prevent premature wrinkles

Below are a few recommendations on how to avoid getting premature wrinkles, especially in large numbers and at an early age.

First and foremost, you need to stay away from spending excessive time under direct sunlight, particularly during the time when the rays of the sun are harshest (during the time between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm). This is because wrinkles are caused on body parts that are mostly exposed to direct sunlight. It is important to note that the ultra-violet (UV) rays of the sun or from any other artificial source of light may cause several wrinkles. While sun blocks generally help in avoiding the harmful UV rays, they are incapable to screening the entire UV rays that are responsible for causing skin wrinkles.

In spite of this, if you have to spend long hours outdoors, ensure that you always wear a sun block having a SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 or more and apply it frequently - once in every two to three hours. Moreover, it is important to apply sun blocks every time after swimming or following participation in any sport that makes your perspire excessively.

At the same time, remember not to visit a tanning salon ever. The ultra violet (UV) lights that are emitted in tanning booths are as harmful as the UV rays of the sun. In fact, sometimes they may even be worse for your skin.

If you are interested in avoiding wrinkles at an early age, you should essentially quit smoking. You ought to know that smoking deprives your skin of the much valuable moisture. At the same time, it results in development of premature wrinkles - fine lines on your skin at an early age. You must have observed that people who are heavy smokers usually have deep wrinkles in the region of their mouths. So, it is advisable that you give up smoking to avoid wrinkles.

Drink water: Keeping your body well hydrated is an effective means to avoid premature wrinkles. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you drink lots of water or any other healthy fluids. It is recommended that you keep your skin moisturized, particularly during the part of the year when the atmosphere is arid or there is low humidity in the air. If you apply little amounts of Elma Skin Revitalizer to your skin during such conditions it will have wonderful effects. It is suggested that you give it a try.

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