Coconut Butter

Coconut butter is produced from copra, which is the popular name for the meat of the coconut. Coconut butter and coconut oil are sometimes used as synonyms by some vendors, since the oil can also resemble butter at low temperatures. However, people normally associate oil with a liquid and expect butter to be solid and actually include pieces of meat. Coconut butter is a useful cooking ingredient but also has industrial uses, especially in the butter industry. Consuming coconut butter has a number of benefits for health, for example weight loss and elimination of some yeast that lives inside the body.

Coconut meat is the raw material used in the manufacture of coconut butter. The copra is grounded and eventually its consistency becomes similar to butter, with numerous flakes inside. Coconuts have been known for a very long time for their nutritional qualities and classed as a super food. Many tropical communities relied on coconuts for both food and medicine, the butter is considered to be as healthy as the oil and the raw fruits.

Any recipe that includes coconut oil or milk can use coconut butter instead. It is also a very popular spread and condiment, due to its pleasant taste. It is only spreadable at warmer temperatures, just like real butter. It can be consumed alone but mixing it with vanilla or other spices is also popular. In bakeries, it can successfully replace regular dairy butter. However, oils or fruit-based purees must be mixed with it in order to add some moisture, since on its own it will make the baked goods very dry.

Health benefits

Coconuts are known for their health benefits, which are shared by all derived products. The products that are not heavily processed are usually healthier. One of the most important components of coconut butter is lauric acid, a powerful antiseptic agent. It is active against bacteria, viruses and fungi, which makes it very useful in the treatment of Candida yeast infections. Consuming coconut butter accelerates the burning of fats and helps with weight loss, due to some fatty acid compounds named MCTs (medium chain triglycerides). The human body can immediately absorb these compounds without breaking them down in the stomach, so they are very easily digested.

Coconut butter is a good natural moisturizer due to the high amount of fats. It can be applied in pure form as a hair treatment or skin lotion. However, the flakes in its composition might get stuck in the hair, so wash it carefully in order to remove all of them. If the flakes are bothering you, another option is to just use coconut oil instead. For a stronger effect, the coconut butter can be combined with shea butter or other similar products in order to create an effective natural moisturizer. Coconut butter and oil are common ingredients in the cosmetics industry and can be found in body butters, soaps and conditioners.

This product is a natural option as a skin moisturizer. It makes your skin more elastic and gives it a youthful look, increasing its glow.

It was known for some time that coconut butter can assist with weight loss. This is due to the content of medium-chain fatty acids, which are a healthy type of fats and are burned by the body to produce energy. Consuming coconut butter provides an instant energy boost and stimulates the metabolism to burn more calories, but should be eaten with moderation.

Another benefit of coconut butter is the improved immune response, triggered by the presence of a medium-chain fatty acid with 12 carbon molecules named lauric acid. It is also present in mother’s milk in order to strengthen the immune system of infants. Coconut butter is the best natural source for this compound.

Lauric acid makes coconut butter a very strong weapon against various types of viruses and bacteria. The acid can attack and destroy the pathogens that cause numerous viral infections, in particular common ones like herpes, cold or flu. It also eliminates yeast infections like Candida and can be used in the treatment of bronchitis.

The effects provided by coconut butter against bacteria can prevent many diseases. However, even more diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, Crohn’s disease or gallbladder disease can be prevented by the medium-chain fatty acids in its composition, which have an anti-inflammatory effect.

The energy boost supplied by coconut butter is very useful for athletes and people who like to work out. It provides instant energy because the medium-chain triglycerides don't have to be digested and are immediately absorbed and burned.

Like many plant derivatives, coconut butter is also a rich source of fibers. These are especially useful for a healthy digestion and regulate bowel movements. However, they also reduce the levels of cholesterol and blood glucose.

The coconut butter is a ready-made natural cosmetic agent. When applied on the hair, it prevents dryness and dandruff, making it shinier and healthier. It is also a natural conditioner and can be used as a hair mask. The hair easily absorbs the fats in its composition and becomes more nourished.

When applied on the skin, coconut butter promotes natural exfoliation. It provides double benefits since it removes layers of dead skin while moisturizing the healthy ones, which will look and feel smoother. For this reason, it is a common ingredient in moisturizing lotions.

Coconut butter is also rich in iron and can prevent a deficiency in this essential mineral. A proper supply of iron prevents anemia, a condition with many nasty symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, nausea or cramps.

Including this product in your diet can promote weight loss by boosting your metabolism. A faster metabolism means that food is assimilated faster, so more calories are burned and additional energy becomes available. The healthy fats in the composition of coconut butter are immediately burned by the body as energy, instead of being stored. As a result, you will not gain weight by eating it and the coconut butter provides a sensation of fullness, reducing your appetite.

Coconut butter is also rich in antioxidants that fight the effects of aging. It is a strong moisturizing agent that is absorbed to the deeper skin layers and makes tissues healthier. It will restore the elasticity of your skin, allowing it to regain its young look.

The human body can't cope with a high amount of sugar in the blood. It can't assimilate all of it, so it is forced to place some sugar in the fat reserves. Coconut butter can decrease the blood glucose level, preventing dangerous spikes.