Foods For Healthy Scalp And Hair

Both the scalp and the hair can only stay healthy if they are maintained correctly. A proper diet will include food choices with the proper nutrients that can make the hair glow and nourish the scalp. There are numerous causes for hair damage, one of them is the aggressive treatment against cancer that severely affects the hair and requires a special regime with an increased amount of food for the hair. A balanced diet is a lot more effective than supplements and pills.

Like the skin, our hair is always exposed and unprotected. It is constantly at the mercy of external factors and permanently takes damage. At the same time, it is one of our most distinctive features. Many people invest a lot of money and time in their hair, with the help of professional stylists and salons. Some people don't realize that the health of the hair is actually a lot more important than the way it looks. In order for it to look pretty, it must receive proper care and nourishment from the outside but also from inside the body. The hair can suffer from many common issues. Baldness is the most obvious but there are also split hairs, dry scalps, white hairs or slow growing ones. A few of these issues can't be avoided since they come with age but the rest can be delayed or even prevented completely with the right diet.

It's mainly up to you to prevent most of these hair problems. The follicles have to be shielded from adverse weather conditions and bad blood circulation while the hair itself can be affected by stress, bad hydration, lack of nutrients or the destructive action of free radicals. Hair and scalp tissues are complex and require many different vitamins and minerals. Some of the most important are vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C, essential fatty acids like omega-3, iron, selenium, zinc and biotin. Massaging the scalp with professional products like Elma 11 Hair and Scalp Revitalizer can have a double effect: it provides nutrients and boosts the rate of hair growth as well as local circulation.

Best foods for healthy hair and scalp

One of the most common food items is also one of the best for our hair, even if most people are completely unaware of it. One of the main building blocks of human hair is protein and eggs are extremely rich in these compounds. At the same time, eggs provide some of the crucial minerals needed by the hair, like iron, zinc, selenium and sulfur. Zinc ensures the durability to the hair while iron boosts circulation in the scalp area. Chicken meat is another inexpensive food choice that provides many of the same benefits and has a content of vitamin B complex as well.

The structure of every tissue in the human body consists of lean proteins. This is also true for the hair and the scalp skin, which are built on a structure of proteins. The best sources for proteins are animal foods like any kind of meat but also fish or eggs. Vegetables provide a lot less proteins but good plant sources are soy products and cereals.

Zinc is not that commonly found in generous amounts but there are a few great natural sources. Oysters are one of the most important and one serving will provide about five times the normal daily required amount, a significant boost of this mineral. Zinc plays a major role in the strength of the hair and it is constantly needed as part of the flow of nutrients.

Modern science and nutritionists always discover new foods with great potential, the so-called super foods. Many of these become obscure again rather quickly but a few become part of the global diet because of their properties. One great example is blueberries, which provide a massive amount of vitamin C that boosts both circulation and the production of collagen in the scalp. They also have a very high content of antioxidants, which can shield the scalp from the destructive action of free radicals. They are a great diet choice sine they are both delicious and healthy.

Lentils are a very good source of vegetal protein and actually have a nutrient composition very similar to eggs. Human hair is built of a protein named hardened keratin, so it can't grow fast without a proper intake of proteins. At the same time, lentils are very rich in iron. Iron is needed for blood cells and works well with vitamin C. Together they can improve not only circulation but also the metabolism. Cells will be provided with an increased amount of oxygen, boosting their activity.

Healthy hair also requires a proper intake of fatty acids like omega-3. These acids are crucial for the hair and studies have proven that up to 3% of its composition consists of them. However, the human body is unable to produce them and they have to be provided from food. Oils are also key to prevent dehydration and as part of cell membranes. Traditionally, the best natural omega-3 sources are fish like salmon.

Walnuts are another food choice recommended by nutritionists. They are very rich in a variety of vitamin B that is water soluble, named biotin, which is required for a healthy hair. Walnuts also have a content of fatty acids, unlike any other type of nut. However, other nut varieties also provide important hair benefits, in particular the ones with a copper content since it preserves the natural color of the hair.

There are many vegetables that have to be included in a balanced diet for better scalp circulation, shiny hair, natural color, proper hydration and faster growth. Some very good choices are kale, Swiss chard, spinach and other related plants. These have a high content of iron and also a powerful mix of vitamin C, beta carotene and folate. They are also a source of methylsulfonylmethane, a compound that increases the production of keratin, the most important hair building block.

The thyroid is a small gland that plays a critical role in the body because it regulates the release of many hormones. If it doesn't work correctly, it will cause a lot of problems and this is the hidden cause of some hair conditions. A bad hormonal balance can lead to dry hair, loss of color, thin hair and slow growth. The thyroid needs iodine, a compound that is not often found in nature. The best sources are sea grass like wakame or kelp.

Some vitamin B types have a direct effect on healthy hair, especially pantothenic acid. The levels of vitamin B can be easily boosted by eating yogurt every day. Yogurt is cheap and readily available and also provides vitamin D, which is good for follicle health.

The combo of vitamins C and E has a very potent action on the scalp and the hair. Like many natural compounds, these vitamins are stronger together. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant and can be found in many fruits are vegetables. Some of the best sources are oranges and other citrus varieties, as well as green peppers. Vitamin E can be sourced from whole cereal and any type of nuts. These vitamins are also strong antioxidants.

Studies have shown that nutrients found in fruits and vegetables are a lot more effective than the same compounds taken as supplements. Most fruits are rich in the so-called vitamin B complex, which is a mix of folic acid, biotin, thiamine or niacin. These vitamins increase both skin circulation and the hair's rate of growth. Since they are soluble in water, the body can't store these vitamins and they must be provided constantly from our diet. Some studies suggest a direct link between hair loss and low levels of vitamin B.