Basically toxins are poisonous substances that occur in the nature or are even produced when your body undertakes several processes. Moreover, toxins can also be found in manmade or artificial sources. Toxins from manmade sources are obtained from the pesticides present in our food, chemicals present in your drinking water, gas emitted from a new carpet, and the smell of your new car. In addition, they also come from the noxious minerals used by various industries as well as several other sources, which include chemotherapy and even prescription drugs.

Petrochemicals too produce numerous toxins called xenoestrogens, which mean that these noxious substances imitate estrogen in our body and results in hormone imbalance. This in turn leads to the suppression of the immune system.

The human body is designed in a manner that it is capable of detoxifying itself, especially when the normal processes of detoxification are besieged owing to toxins added from external sources. In fact, external toxins increase the total toxic load of our body. As most of us are aware, the liver is the main organ of the body for detoxification. When the liver functions optimally it also supports the functioning of the immune system, which also forms a part of the human body's detoxification armoury.

Presence of toxins inside the body promotes generation of detrimental free radicals, which not only destroy the cells in our body, but also attach to cytokines (the information pathways of our immune system), thereby damaging them. This, in turn, leads to the poor functioning of the immune system.

The skin is the prevalent organ in the human body, which covers most parts of the body, but also comes in contact with various toxic substances during most part of our everyday activities. If you consider these, you will notice that whenever we leave our homes every day, we do various things that actually expose our body, especially the skin, to various different factors. Despite this, many of us usually never think about the extent and frequency of our skin being affected by these elements. We either feign ignorance of the fact or really do not realize the great harm caused to our skin every day.

Every day we are exposed to numerous toxic substances in everything we do - right from the foods we consume, the air we breathe and various other factors related to the environment. A primary job of our skin is to get rid of plenty of these toxins accumulated inside our body. In fact, the skin is meant to eliminate the toxins from our body. Nevertheless, when too much toxin accumulates inside the body, it has an extremely negative impact on the natural processes of the body. Therefore, the presence of excessive toxins in our body makes it difficult for the body to function normally and eliminate the toxins as it should be doing normally.

Considering the fact that our bodies possess the unique ability to heal itself and do various other unbelievable things, they are really incredible things. Nevertheless, toxic substances from external sources have a negative effect on our bodies as a result of which our bodies are unable to effectively undertake functions, which they are meant to do. Nevertheless, we need to remember that our skin is not only meant to get rid of the toxic substances present in the skin. On the contrary, the skin is designed to eliminate all the toxins accumulated in the body when the body fails to function as it should be functioning in flushing out toxins. Such situations may occur often and in such situations the skin takes over the responsibilities of other detoxifying agents and cleanses the body of all waste and toxins. When this occurs, we may experience a number of skin problems, as the toxins may cause various harms to the largest organ of the body during the flushing out process.

The above mentioned issues precisely show why detoxification is increasing gaining popularity. In fact, people using detoxes have experienced incredible results. When our body is detoxified and plenty of accumulated toxins are flushed out, we can see amazing improvements in our skin. All of a sudden, the appearance of our skin seems to be different. In fact, if you notice that you are having some problems with your health, including the health of the skin, it is likely that your body's detoxifying organs are not working optimally to flush out enough toxins. Such health conditions are actually a sign of the fact that there is an excess of toxins in your body.

This should, however, not make you depressed or give up hope of reinstating your health, as there are plenty of ways that can help you to boost the functioning of the detoxifying organs. For instance, you can undertake detox more seriously by undertaking measures such as dry brushing. The main objective is to ensure that your skin remains healthy and continues to function as it is meant to be. When you ensure this, you can be relieved that you will not experience any health problems due to toxin build-up inside the body, thereby making your body more robust in self-detoxification. The thumb rule is that presence of low toxins helps the detoxifying organs to function more efficiently in flushing out the toxins.

It is a fact that all of us are always exposed to toxic substances, either those produced internally or from external sources. Therefore, there is very little we can do to completely get rid of these toxins from our body. Despite the fact that these toxins affect us, especially the skin and other external organs, negatively, we can always take proactive measures to facilitate the skin to function more robustly in detoxifying the body by eliminating these toxins, thereby helping us not to suffer from any further problems.

Often, toxins are responsible for various skin disorders. In fact, when our body does not get rid of the accumulated toxic substances properly, it results in the appearance of skin rashes and other problems related to the skin.

Detoxifying involves eliminating all waste products and toxic substances from our body regularly to ensure that all the organs are healthy and functioning properly. Aside from the skin, our liver, lungs, kidneys, bladder and the small as well as the large intestines are the main organs performing this task.

When the primary organs responsible for detoxifying the body do not function properly it may cause the skin to take charge of the situation. In such conditions, the skin works to facilitate toxin elimination by permitting the toxins in the body via the pores in the skin. Sometimes, we also develop skin conditions that help to get rid of toxic substances accumulated in the body. Several such skin conditions can be cured by adopting a blend of treatments.

However, people suffering from acute skin problems are advised to check with a dermatologist or specialized healthcare professional, because they may require additional and complex treatments.