The Power of Herbs

The skin is our bodies' largest organ. It covers and protects us from outside elements. For our entire life, our skin produces new cells and rebuilds itself. However, in time, the efficiency drops. To keep our skin healthy, we need to protect and take care of it. That's why Andrew Witowski (cosmetic chemist) discovered a revolutionary method to boost our stem cells using plant stem cells, which increases the effectiveness of rejuvenation. offers a variety of oil and lanolin products that contain natural active substances extracted from herbal stem cells. We have found a way to keep these active herbal stem cells dormant until they are actually applied to human skin cells.

Using "active plant stem cells," we can make skin stronger, more elastic, younger, and healthier. Herb extracts (when properly prepared) heal wounds, burns, mosquito bites, eczema, and acne. It strengthens nails and hair, rejuvenates the skin, and acts against wrinkles., to produce serums and ointments, uses herbs like calendula, plantain, narrow-leaf plantain, peppermint oil, Siberian ginseng, and jasmine, which are blended with coconut oil, shea butter, and lanolin. All our products are based on the activity of plant stem cells, alongside natural preservatives like calendula extract. Our products are water, thickener, and detergent free - that's why they are 100% natural.

To truly believe in the power of herbs, please refer to the story of 2015's Nobel Prize winner in medicine, Dr Tu Youyou. During the Vietnam War (1964-1968), the Chinese government ordered Dr. Tu Youyou to find a cure for malaria, which decimated both the Chinese and the Vietnamese armies. Dr. Youyou had spent 4 years gathering information from herbalists across China and studying the libraries at the local universities. She found lots of information, which indicated that the wormwood herb (Artemisia annua) is an effective medicine against malaria. After hundreds of failed experiments, she discovered a formula from an ancient herbalist, Hong (284-363 a.d), who used fresh wormwood and ran extractions in low temperatures. She tried this method, poisoning herself with malaria and then curing it with Hong's recipe. She demonstrated the effectiveness of this herbal medicine.

This story also proves how valuable herbal cure can be, especially in light of the latest research on stimulation growing and activation of human skin stem cells.

The cosmetic industry offers thousands of products, most of which contain 10 -15 ingredients that are not necessarily beneficial for the skin. First of all, these creams are emulsions, meaning that they contain a fat phase and a water phase. The fat phase is the substance, which penetrates the skin and the water phase is the substance, which evaporates. Creams also contain thickeners, preservatives, and emulsifying agents. The emulsifying agents are strong detergents and soaps, which stay on your skin for the entire day. These strong detergents and soaps dry out your skin and destroy it. Most ointments that the industry offers contain antibiotics or steroids. These products are not recommended for long-term skin use.